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Queensland Geriatric Medicine Group

Providing Integrated Care in Geriatric Medicine

Specialising in managing the medical complexities that come with age, rehabilitation of the older person, and optimising medical management toward healthy ageing. Orthogeriatrics and perioperative management of the older and medical complex person is also our specialty.

Queensland Geriatric Medicine Group currently provides Specialist Geriatric Medicine Services across Brisbane through outpatient care at multiple locations, inpatient care across 3 private hospitals, and community based care including selected nursing homes. Currently, four Consultant Geriatricians provide these services through QGMG and recruitment of additional Geriatricians continues to meet the demand in the private sector. A referral is required to QGMG or directly to our Consultants prior to review. Referrals can be requested from your GP, Surgeon or Physician, so you can access the soonest available appointment with the chosen Geriatrician, or with the first available Geriatrician.

Our principal practice is in Suite 19 at the Greenslopes Specialist Centre and additional consulting rooms include Brisbane Private Hospital Consulting Suites, and Sunnybank Private Hospital in addition to an increasing number of community locations.

Dr Anthony French FRACP
Dr Anthony French FRACP

Queensland Geriatric Medicine Group Specialities

Individualised Rehabilitation
Your individualised rehabilitation program is designed to help you achieve your goals whilst improving your overall function. Your highly qualified physiotherapist, occupational therapist and allied health assistant will develop your goals with you and help you achieve them. Our doctors care for rehabilitation patients across four of Brisbane’s premier private hospitals.
Perioperative Medicine
Having an operation puts a lot of stress on your system, from your brain, your heart and your lungs to your circulation and immune systems. Preparing you for your operation, optimising your medications, and managing any complications is Perioperative Medicine.
Many older people suffer orthopaedic problems such as osteoarthritis of the hips, knees, shoulders and back, as well as fractures and complications. Treatment of these involves expert surgeons and geriatricians who help to manage the attendant medical problems after your operation.
Geriatrics Telemedicine

QGMG provides a comprehensive telemedicine service for outpatients and nursing home residents.

Specialising in Rehabilitation of the older person, Orthogeriatrics and perioperative management.


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