About Us

Managing the growing demand for private Geriatric Medicine Consultations

Welcome to QGMG

Founded in 2013 by Dr French with a vision of creating an opportunity for Geriatricians to access private clinic facilities in a convenient way so that they can easily contribute to managing the growing demand for private Geriatric Medicine Consultations.

Most Geriatricians practice in the public sector, and overall recruitment of doctors in training into a career as a Geriatrician has been very successful, with the numbers of new Geriatricians finishing their training each year increasing significantly. These new Geriatricians are well suited to participating in private clinics including seeing patients in the community and in Nursing Homes. At QGMG, we are working to give older people in the private health sector, who need to see a Geriatrician, more choice and shorter waiting lists, and the referring doctors the same choice and convenience.

Our Specialists

The QGMG doctors are, as all Geriatiricians are, closely connected and well known to each other. Dr French undertook the final part of his training under Dr Iacovella, and Dr Shum also was trained by many of Queensland’s best Geriatricians, including Dr French and Dr Iacovella. Dr Shum chose Geriatric Medicine as a career in part due to Dr French’s influence. Dr Fleury trained with Dr French and they all have very broad training and experience toward managing the broad range of complex patients that are seen and managed by Geriatricians. A practice like QGMG offers an opportunity for new Geriatricians, new to the profession or new to private medicine, to contribute to the growing demand for our services with the support of a system and practice structure that makes it as easy as possible to practice high quality Geriatric Medicine.

Our Locations

Our main rooms are located on site at Greenslopes Private Hospital in the Greenslopes Specialist Centre. Suite 19 is large, luxurious, and has a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and is run in a way that is designed to minimise stress on our visitors, our patients and their families.

Dr Shum also sees outpatients at Sunnybank Private Hospital, and Dr French sees outpatients at the Brisbane Private Hospital Specialist Suites.

Dr Fleury sees patients in predominantly community settings and is also heavily involved at Logan Hospital. All our doctors are also involved in the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine and maintain close ties with their colleagues in the public hospital system.

Suite 19, Greenslopes Specialist Centre
121 Newdegate St
Greenslopes, Qld 4120

Phone: 1300 662 884
Fax: 1300 889 895

Support Staff

We continue to work hard to service the demand we have for our services at QGMG, and our administration staff work hard to make it as easy as possible for our patients and their families. Dr French and Dr Fleury are supported by Gayle, Dr Shum by Sussan and Dr Iacovella by Jo. The desk is capably managed Mondays to Thursdays by Michelle and she is usually the person you will speak to initially when you call our 1300-662-884 number. Our rooms are accessible 8AM until 4:30PM Monday to Friday and we have a system in place that means that you can leave messages, send emails..

If you are seeking information about your relative who is one of our patients currently in hospital, the ward staff can access our doctors if necessary and can pass on messages to them when required. We recommend your contact be through the ward secretary or nurses when this is the case as our doctors are on the wards most days.

Welcome to QGMG and thank you for your interest. We look forward to making your experience with us as easy and enjoyable as possible.