QGMG Recruitment

QGMG Recruitment For Doctors

Dr French created the Queensland Geriatric Medicine Group in 2013 to offer increased access to Geriatric Medicine care for the ageing population, with coordination of services by Geriatricians and other specialists interested in various aspects of Geriatric Medicine and care of the older person to create a comprehensive service and referral point.

QGMG aims to simplify access to the provision of medical services including appointments, billing, information management and professional support for colleagues in Geriatric Medicine who desire a simplified approach to their private Geriatric Medicine practice.

Geriatricians keen to offer their services to assist managing an insatiable demand for ambulant care of the older population in all aspects of Geriatric Medicine should contact Dr French for further information on how to access the support of QGMG in your private practice.