Geriatrics Telemedicine

Telemedicine at QGMG

Telemedicine is essentially video-conferencing between Doctors and patients that is considered a medical consultation by Medicare. It is increasingly used to enable patients in rural and remote areas access to specialist care without having to travel long distances.

About Consultations

Telemedicine consultations are usually conducted at your local doctor’s surgery (or nursing home office) via webcam/tablet. The specialist is based in their Brisbane office for the consultation. GPs and/or practice nurses should also attend all or part of the consultation, depending on the individual practice. Family members are also strongly encouraged to attend with patients, especially if the patient is hard of hearing or have any issues with their sight. Eligibility criteria for telemedicine consultation include proximity restrictions and are imposed by Medicare.

Consultations Areas

Issues in geriatric medicine amenable to telemedicine review include:

Memory loss


Behavioural disturbance in dementia



Functional decline


Please Note

Our practice uses Skype, facetime or Vsee for telemedicine consultations