Community Geriatrics With Nursing Home Visits

QGMG Nursing Home Visits

QGMG has a growing group of community Geriatricians who can offer specialist reviews at select nursing homes to see patients 65 years and older referred by their general practitioner. This area of service provision is increasingly important to assist older and more frail people to avoid hospitalisation and optimise their medical and psychological wellbeing. QGMG can assist Geriatricians to provide this care in an organised and efficient way.

This service particularly targets patients who have trouble walking and accessing transport, patients who have memory loss/dementia and get confused outside familiar environments, or patients who may be nearing the end of the life but still need specialist input. QGMG can also provide expert advice on the diagnosis and management of people with dementia who have behavioural disturbance which the nursing home is struggling to manage.

A community geriatrician can diagnose and manage memory loss, dementia, falls, incontinence, polypharmacy, frailty and co-ordinate end-of-life care with the person’s GP or local palliative care team when it is very difficult for the person to attend hospital.