What Is Geriatric Medicine?

What is a Geriatrician

Your Geriatrician is a Specialist medical doctor, a Consultant Physician, who has completed at least 6 years of Physician Training and their Physicians Examinations with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians as well as at least 1 year of Intern Training prior to this after completing Medical School at University

What are a Geriatrician’s special skills?

Geriatric Medicine is a general speciality with many different areas of subspecialty, all of which reflect the complex nature of medical problems experienced by older people and illuminate the broad expertise of a Geriatrician in the diagnosis and management of the complex interplay of multiple internal medicine disorders impacting on cognition and function in the older person

What roles might a Geriatrician hold in the health system?

Geriatricians can be found providing acute and subacute inpatient care, outpatient clinic services in many areas including specialise falls clinics, memory clinics, continence clinics, general Geriatrics clinics, rehabilitation day hospital clinics, nursing home visits, telemedicine, aged are assessment teams, academic roles including management, teaching, research, as well as health promotion, education of the general public, General Practitioners and other specialists, advising government on issues relating to the ageing population, organisation and implementation of specialist training, government policy, and care systems, and advocacy for the health concerns of older people.

What is FRACP

This means your doctor has achieved their Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians which is the culmination of their specialist training