Frequently Asked Geriatric Medicine Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Keep socially active as social activity uses many aspects of cognitive function and this stimulation is very good for you in many ways
  • is a brain-training activity that is a lot of fun and can add to your daily diet of cognitive stimulation
  • “Use it or lose it” – see Dr French’s article on Deconditioning to read more about this very true saying.
  • Educating yourself on Google can be very helpful, but remember to look for reputable sources and not to believe everything you read

Our goal-directed approach to rehabilitation tailors treatments to help patients restore physical function and enhance the skills needed to perform daily activities, build strength and endurance, improve balance, regain mobility, and optimise independence. This can be initiated during an admission, before a major operation, or even when a person in the community might benefit from increasing their function in order to maintain their independence.

As soon as possible, even before the operation. Acute rehabilitation in the hospital is important to provide an early start and deliver a comprehensive rehabilitation program that includes medical, nursing and therapy care to best meet the needs of each patient.

An early start to rehabilitation following surgery can optimise functional gains and improve overall patient satisfaction as they attain their goals more rapidly.

Any patients over the age of 65, and in special circumstances, younger patients with complex medical problems can be referred to QGMG for geriatric medicine assessment as an outpatient.

Rehabilitation patients do not have age restrictions and are often referred while they are in hospital under the care of the referring specialist surgeon or physician.

QGMG’s specialists have broad expertise in all areas of Geriatric Medicine, and some have special interests as listed in their profiles. Your referral may be redirected to the Geriatrician with special expertise in your area if deemed appropriate and with your referring doctor’s, agreement.

All appointments to see our doctors are made by calling 1300-662-884 and you will be redirected to the appropriate specialist’s secretary for more information. New patients need a referral from their general practitioner, local doctor or referring specialist and this needs to be sent in to QGMG by mail to Suite 19, Greenslopes Specialist Centre, 121 Newdegate St Greenslopes, by Fax to 1300-889-895 or via our contact form.

Once our doctors have assessed the urgency of your referral, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment and usually, the referring doctor will be notified.

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